Applications of high-speed industrial cameras




Industrial cameras are mainly used to complete image acquisition, processing and analysis, and play an important role in machine vision systems. High-speed industrial camera is a kind of industrial camera, which can clearly image high-speed moving objects. Compared with ordinary industrial cameras, the transmission speed is faster, the image quality is more stable, and the anti-interference ability is stronger. It can be applied to the following visual inspection applications.


1. Appearance defect identification: such as headphone module chip bubble defects, check whether there are bubbles in the chip under the transparent protective glass in the headphone module; hardware product appearance inspection, check whether there are stains, scratches and other defects on the surface.



2. Classification and identification detection: Through visual inspection of shape, size, inner hole, etc., and matching with the product feature map loaded into the system to identify the corresponding number for classification.



3. Product size measurement: It can be applied to the size detection of precision parts such as gears, automobiles, and mobile phones. High-speed industrial cameras have high-precision and high-speed performance to meet the needs of precision measurement.



In industrial inspection, human eyes are easily fatigued in manual inspection, and the inspection accuracy cannot be maintained all the time, errors are prone to occur, and production costs are increased. The existence of industrial cameras makes up for the impact of manual inspection. By applying high-speed cameras and integrating machine vision technology into automated production, production can be streamlined, which can not only improve the safety of the working environment, but also improve production efficiency. In the long run Costs can also be reduced.



High-speed industrial cameras not only play a high-quality role in industrial inspection, but also have a wide range of applications in scientific research, high-speed photography and other fields.



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