Detailed explanation of industrial camera lens parameters




In the machine vision system, the industrial camera lens, the visual light source and the industrial camera together form a complete image acquisition system. Therefore, the selection of the industrial camera lens will affect the performance of the entire vision system. Understanding the parameters of the industrial camera lens can help better to understand the function of the lens, and then better complete the selection work.



Industrial camera lens parameters:



1. Focal length: the distance from the center of the lens to the focal point of the image side. The focal length in an optical system is a measure of the ability of an optical system to converge or diverge light. For the same photosensitive element, the longer the focal length of the matched lens, the smaller the field of view, and vice versa.



2. Optical size: The optical size of an industrial camera lens refers to the maximum size of the CCD chip that the lens can be compatible with. The imaging of an industrial camera is also because the lens hits the light reflected by the object onto the CCD chip.



3. Field of view: the range of spatial angles that the lens can see on the photosensitive element, that is, the opening angle of the optical system at the center of the entrance pupil or the opening angle of the object at the center of the exit pupil.



4. Sharpness: The result of a combination of resolution and contrast. Resolution, also known as resolution, resolution, discrimination rate, and resolution, refers to the ability of the lens to clearly reproduce the details of the scene being photographed. The higher the resolution of the lens, the clearer and more delicate the image.



5. Depth of field: The depth of field refers to the distance from the closest point to the farthest point in the scene that can produce a clearer image. The longer the depth of field of an industrial lens, the greater the range that can be clearly presented. The shorter the focal length, the greater the depth of field; the smaller the aperture, the greater the depth of field.



There are many brands of industrial camera lenses on the market. If you need high precision and good quality, you can choose Pomeas industrial lenses. There are many types. For details, you can consult online customer service to provide you with a detailed industrial lens selection table.



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