IC chip defect visual inspection solution




In the production process of IC integrated chip devices, the appearance quality inspection of the chip is one of the indispensable links, including inspection items such as chip pin size, incompleteness, deflection, uneven spacing, and poor flatness. Problems will directly affect the quality of circuit products. The traditional chip inspection is a method of manual visual inspection, which is affected by human factors and is prone to problems such as missed detection, false detection, and slow speed. With the development of science and technology, most electronic component industries use machine vision to assist production, which can improve the accuracy and efficiency of micro-level process inspection and reduce costs.



As a core product supplier of machine vision and industrial automation, Pomeas integrates R&D, manufacturing and sales of machine vision equipment and accessories, and can provide visual inspection solutions for IC chip defects.



Program accessories:



1. Lens: Pomeas independently researches and develops industrial lenses, with a variety of types to choose from, which can meet the needs of clear imaging and defect identification.



2. Camera: Pomeas gigabit network high-speed industrial camera, which can realize high-speed photo recognition, stable transmission, high image quality, and meet the needs of automatic and efficient detection.



3. Light source: external coaxial light source, good picture uniformity, more clear identification of defects.



4. Image analysis system: independent research and development of character recognition software to ensure that the detection accuracy can meet the requirements.



This solution can realize high-speed and high-precision detection of chips, and the recognition accuracy rate can reach more than 99.6%, which fully meets customer requirements, and can also be used in electronics, food, medicine, automobiles and other industries that use character recognition.



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