Mobile phone glass cover visual inspection solution




As one of the most important components of smart terminal products, the glass cover of mobile phones requires strict quality control. As the last process of glass cover production, inspection is the key to product quality control. The main detection contents of mobile phone glass cover include: scratches, nicks, indentations, bump marks, foreign objects and other defects and dimensions.



However, at present, some domestic enterprises still use manual visual inspection in the inspection of glass cover plates. However, manual visual inspection has many defects such as low efficiency, high missed inspection rate, and rising labor costs.



Efficient quality inspection can be achieved by using visual inspection equipment composed of Pomeas industrial lenses, industrial cameras and image analysis systems. Purmis industrial lenses have excellent optical performance and can meet the needs of clear imaging and defect identification. The angle of the Ppmeas industrial camera can be adjusted to prevent the position to be detected from being blocked, which affects the judgment of results. Gigabit network transmission, the processing rate is relatively fast, and the stability is relatively high, which can effectively release a lot of manual labor and improve the mobile phone. Quality inspection efficiency of cover glass.



As a professional supplier of machine vision and industrial automation core products, Pomeas Optics focuses on the production of one-button measuring instruments and visual inspection optical accessories. wide range of applications. He has rich experience and practical cases in semiconductor, mobile phone, automobile, electronics, hardware and industrial automation industries.



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