The principle of continuous zoom lens




The continuous zoom lens is designed with a parallel optical path optical system, so that the edge clarity and flatness of the entire field of view reach the level of the center of the field of view, and the magnification can be continuously adjusted within a certain range. The optical lens has high contrast and high resolution. specialty.



The Pomeas continuous zoom lens has the following functions:



1. Coaxial epi-illumination: The use of infinite parallel light incident can realize shadow-free illumination; the coaxial epi-illumination structure can make the illumination distribution of incident light more uniform.



2. Electric zoom: high-speed zoom speed and high-precision repeat positioning; imported DC servo motor; the electric control system implements single-axis or dual-axis control through a 9-pin RS-232 serial port; it can maintain mechanical stability.



3. Fixed scale and fixed magnification: mechanical positioning structure, excellent rate repeatability and stability; 15-stage mechanical positioning; high-hardness alloy material, long service life, strong and reliable mechanical structure design.



4. Fine-tuning device: It can be used in narrow spaces. Workpieces of different heights can be clearly focused by adjusting the fine-tuning structure without changing the original working distance of the lens; 3mm and 12mm fine-tuning structures can be provided; manual fine-tuning and electric-controlled fine-tuning structures can be provided.



The continuous zoom lens can replace the objective lens and CCD interface to achieve any multiple, and at the same time, it can intervene the functions of coaxial epi-light device, polarizer device, iris diaphragm and beam splitter device, which can increase the eyepiece observation system. It can also be connected to common "infinity" biological objectives and metallographic objectives, so that optical magnifications above 400X can be obtained. The continuous zoom lens is compact and suitable for various spaces. Universal brackets and lighting sources can be selected to reduce customer usage costs, and are widely used in industries such as microelectronics, automated monitoring and high-precision measurement. Pomeas has 6x, 8x, 12.5x and other continuous zoom lenses, please consult and purchase.



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