Selection principles of industrial lenses




The industrial lens is an important component in the machine vision system and plays a key role in the image quality. The resolution, contrast, depth of field and various aberrations of the industrial lens will affect the image quality. There are not only a wide variety of industrial lenses, but also great differences in quality. However, general users do not pay enough attention to the selection of lenses during system design, resulting in failure to obtain ideal images and even failure of system development.



Selection principle of industrial lens



According to whether the focal length can be adjusted, industrial lenses can be divided into two categories: fixed focus industrial lenses and zoom industrial lenses. The selection can be made according to the size of the scene to be measured and the clarity of the object to be measured.



According to the different interfaces, industrial lenses can be divided into C-mount lenses, F-mount industrial lenses, CS-mount lenses, etc. The different interfaces will not affect the image quality, and the selection can be made according to actual needs.



Industrial lenses also include special-purpose lenses such as macro lenses and telecentric lenses. Macro lenses can magnify images by adding a close-up lens in front of the lens without requiring high image quality. The telecentric industrial lens is a specially designed lens to correct the parallax of the traditional lens. It can be within a certain object distance range, so that the magnification of the obtained image will not change with the change of the object distance. The situation on the same surface is a very important application.



The industrial lens is equivalent to the lens of the human eye in the machine vision system. If there is no lens, the human eye will not be able to see any objects. If there is no lens, the image output by the industrial camera is a white piece, and there is no clear image output. , so the role of the industrial lens is very important, and the selection is also a key step in the construction of the vision system. Pomeas specializes in the production of industrial lenses and can provide you with selection suggestions.



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