How to choose a zoom industrial lens?




The industrial lens is an important component in the machine vision system, which plays a key role in the image quality. The zoom lens is a kind of industrial lens. The magnification can be continuously and infinitely changed within a certain range. High definition image.



The zoom industrial lens has the characteristics of high resolution, high definition, large field of view and high-precision positioning detection. The products are widely used in industrial inspection, automation, microelectronic equipment and other observation and inspection.



The zoom lens can be divided into manual zoom lens and electric zoom lens. The electric zoom lens adopts electric motor, integrated control card and control software to adjust the magnification of the lens. The manual zoom lens requires manual adjustment, and the focal length of the lens can be adjusted within a certain range.



Different zoom lenses are suitable for different scenarios, so it is necessary to understand the selection strategy in detail. If you choose a zoom industrial lens, you can learn about Purmis optics. Different precision requirements can provide suitable selection schemes.



Choosing a zoom industrial lens generally involves the following steps:



1. Determine the zoom range:


POMEAS zoom lens has 3 zoom ratio series: 6.5X, 8.0X, 12.5X. The larger the zoom ratio, the wider the magnification range and the more expensive the price.



2. Determine the main lens type and additional functions


The main lens of POMEAS zoom lens has four types: continuous zoom, fixed zoom, motorized and zoom feedback lens. Additional functions include fine-tuning and matching with coaxial light.



3. Determine the TV ADAPTER and other accessories


1. Check the SENSOR size of the camera used, such as: 1/2", and the required field of view FOV (generally slightly larger than the measured workpiece).


2. According to the magnification and WD, preliminarily confirm the TV ADAPTER and the additional mirror, and check whether the FOV table meets the requirements.



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