Structure and function of electric zoom lens




Electric zoom lens is a kind of industrial lens. It mainly refers to the use of electric motor and integrated control card to control the software to adjust the magnification of the lens, and can achieve parfocality by observing the real-time computer screen to obtain the clearest picture. The lens has an automatic alarm protection function, which can effectively protect the lens from mechanical failure. This article mainly introduces the structure and function of the electric zoom lens to help you better understand it.



The structure and function of the electric zoom lens:



One, Electric zoom


1. Adopt imported DC servo motor, high-speed zoom speed and high-precision repeat positioning;


2. The electric control system implements single-axis or dual-axis control through a 9-pin RS-232 serial port;


3. It can maintain mechanical stability under severe vibration environment.



Two, Fine-tuning device


1. It can be used in narrow spaces. Workpieces with different heights can focus clearly by adjusting the fine-tuning structure without changing the original working distance of the lens;


2. It can provide 3mm and 12mm fine-tuning structure;


3. Can provide manual fine-tuning and electric control fine-tuning structure.



Three, Mechanical structure


1. Mechanical positioning structure, superior rate repeatability and stability;


2. Using high-hardness alloy materials, it has a long service life and a strong and reliable mechanical structure design.



Four, coaxial epi-illumination


1. The use of infinite parallel light incident can realize shadow-free lighting;


2. The coaxial epi-illumination structure can make the illumination distribution of the incident light more uniform.



As a manufacturer of core components of machine vision, Pomeas can provide various types of industrial lenses, such as: electric zoom lens, rail zoom lens, large-scale telecentric lens, fixed-magnification industrial lens, etc., and can provide suitable solutions according to different customer needs. Program.



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