What does the coaxial visual light source do?




A coaxial visual light source is a light source that is on the same optical axis as the camera. The coaxial light source has high-density arrangement of LEDs, advanced coating beamsplitter, and unique heat dissipation structure, which can greatly improve brightness, reduce light loss, improve stability and prolong service life.



Due to the special optical design of the coaxial light source, it can screen the light directed to the object side and the image side at the same time, which can provide more uniform illumination, make the image clearer, and effectively improve the accuracy of the visual inspection system.




The coaxial visual light source can help the visual system to capture features, and highlight the features of the object to be measured by filtering light and contrasting light and dark. It is often used in the detection of smooth and highly reflective surfaces, such as surface scratch detection of metal, glass, film, film, etc., damage detection of chips and silicon wafers, mark point positioning, barcode recognition, engraved character detection, etc.




Coaxial vision light source is widely used in industrial inspection, automation, electronic communication, semiconductor, biomedical, scientific research and other fields.




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