How does the image measuring instrument realize the size measurement?




Image measuring instrument is a fully automatic size measuring equipment, which is widely used in the size control of hardware, automobile, mobile phone, die-cutting, electronics and other industries. But in fact, many people do not know the principle of the image measuring instrument, and do not know how the image measuring instrument realizes the size measurement. Only by understanding the principle, can we truly control the image measuring instrument. This article will explain to everyone how the image measuring instrument realizes size measurement.



Image measuring instrument is a device that uses image measurement technology to measure the size of the measurement object. By taking an image of the measurement object, the edge that determines the measurement position is automatically recognized, and the size of the measurement object is measured.




The image size measuring instrument adopts self-developed bi-telecentric optical lens, combined with high-precision image analysis algorithm, and incorporates the principle of one-button flash measurement. Just place the measurement object on the coordinate table, press the measurement button, and start the measurement. The instrument can automatically locate the measurement object, match the program, measure the evaluation, and generate the report according to the shape of the workpiece, which can be completed within a few seconds, truly realizing one-button fast and accurate measurement.



The POMEAS image size measuring instrument is based on the automatic measurement technology of machine vision, which does not require the participation of operators, reduces labor costs, and has outstanding advantages such as non-contact, high speed, low cost, good stability, and strong anti-interference ability, and improves production efficiency. The production cycle is shortened, the depreciation cost of equipment is reduced, and a series of problems existing in traditional measurement methods are effectively solved.



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