What types of industrial cameras are there?




Industrial cameras are widely used in machine vision, industrial manufacturing, image processing, etc., and are an important component of them. In the construction of an industrial visual inspection system, the selection of industrial cameras is a key part. Everything has certain standards for classification. Industrial cameras are the core components of industrial visual inspection systems. According to different classification standards, they can be divided into multiple types.



1. According to the type of target surface, it can be divided into area scan cameras and line scan cameras: area scan cameras refer to industrial cameras that can acquire images at one time, and are widely used in shape, size, position and other detection applications. A line scan camera refers to an industrial camera using a line scan image sensor, which can be used to detect printing defects such as metals, plastics, and fibers.



2. According to different chip types, it can be divided into CCD cameras and CMOS cameras: CCD industrial cameras have the advantages of small size, light weight, low power consumption, fast response speed, and high pixel integration. CMOS industrial cameras have high-speed imaging, high frame rate, high Cost-effectiveness and other advantages.



3. According to the color of the output image, it can be divided into black and white cameras and color cameras: under the same resolution, black and white industrial cameras have higher accuracy than color industrial cameras, and when detecting image edges, black and white industrial cameras have better imaging effects. Color industrial cameras work better if you need to process items that are related to the color of the image.



There are many types of industrial cameras according to different classification standards. The selection of industrial cameras is an important part of the construction of machine vision projects. In addition to knowing the types and functions of industrial cameras, camera prices and after-sales services from manufacturers need to be considered in order to choose a more suitable industrial camera.



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