Where can industrial vision inspection systems be applied?




The industrial visual inspection system is to use machines instead of human eyes to comprehensively detect and discriminate the surface and size of products. It is mainly composed of visual light sources, industrial lenses, industrial cameras, and visual software. It can quickly find problems in production and manufacturing. improve product quality.



Industrial visual inspection is usually used in the following areas:



1. General surface defect detection involves identifying foreign objects, scratches, dirt, black spots, defects, etc.;



2. Detect whether the surface of the battery has defects such as surface wrinkles, depressions, bumps, foreign objects in edge sealing, and indentations;



3. Detect defects such as bulging, partial holes, and whitening of electronic components;



4. Detect the length, width, aperture, flatness, height, thickness and other dimensions of precision parts.



Different industries have different inspection requirements and different vision system configurations. For example, for the surface defect detection of encoder code discs, with the increasing precision of the code discs, the chromatic aberration and resolution of ordinary industrial lenses cannot meet the requirements. The industrial visual inspection solution composed of 4K zoom lenses can be used to achieve high efficiency. Fast defect detection.



In the film industry, in the production process of the composite film, various surface defects will occur, dust in the air, and air will enter the composite film in the high-pressure composite process section, thereby reducing the quality of the film material. These defects are all micron It is difficult to be observed by the human eye, and it will also make the eyes tired when looking at it for a long time. At this time, visual inspection equipment is required for full inspection to improve product quality and feedback to the process side. From inspection, to feedback, to adjusting the production process, this is a closed-loop process. These are some of the applications and roles of defect detection in industry.



At present, industrial visual inspection systems have been widely used in mobile phone, electronics, automobile, printing, hardware, glass, packaging and other industries.



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