Application Scenarios of CCD Industrial Lens




With the development of industrial automation, CCD industrial lenses are more and more widely used, this article shares some CCD industrial lens application scenarios.



1.Optical Screening Machine: Optical Screening Machine is a kind of equipment that obtains images through optical system to detect product size, defects, missing parts and so on.Applicable to a variety of screws, precision cutting parts, plastic parts of the screening, CCD industrial lens in which plays an important role, can directly affect the quality of image acquisition.


2. Vision-guided positioning: Machine vision has a powerful function of vision positioning guidance.Much higher speed and accuracy than manual positioning can be achieved. It is mainly used to locate the position and direction of components to ensure that the component assembly is at the correct angle to verify that the component assembly is correct.The CCD industrial lens can transmit the target object to the photosensitive surface, which lays the foundation for accurately obtaining positional information such as the coordinates and angle of the object to be measured and guiding the subsequent positioning and assembly.


3. Mechanical parts size measurement: CCD industrial lens can be used for precision mechanical components of the size measurement system, such as: automotive parts, hardware, injection molding parts, springs, screws and so on.


4. Packaging bar code detection: CCD industrial lens can be used to detect the product packaging bar code, print batch number and other text whether there are misprints, omissions, missing and other defects.


CCD industrial lenses can also be used for monitoring and eliminating defective products on production lines, PCB board inspection, online inspection of food filling, industrial microscopic inspection, quality inspection of glass containers and so on.







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