Zoom Lens in Optical Screening Machines




Optical screening machine is a kind of equipment to judge the quality of products through optical non-contact detection, which is composed of industrial lens, vision light source, high-speed industrial camera, industrial control computer and vision processing system.


Optical screening machine in the use of the process, mainly relying on industrial cameras and lenses and vision light source to obtain product images, transmitted to the detection system to complete the quality inspection. Can be in a short period of time in large quantities of product appearance and size parameters, effectively saving time and improve detection efficiency.



Zoom lens is an optical lens whose magnification can be continuously and infinitely adjusted within a certain range. It is compact and durable, characterized by large field of view, high resolution, high contrast, high precision positioning, etc. It is widely used in the fields of industrial inspection, automated microelectronic observation, etc., and it is also widely used in the optical screening machine.


Unlike conventional industrial lenses, zoom industrial lenses can be used to change the field of view and image size without changing the distance of the obeject being photographed.It can be compatible with detecting different needs, making the optical screener more versatile.


In industrial production, quality inspection is crucial for all industries.For different products with different inspection standards, optical screeners can be used to meet system requirements by replacing different types of lenses.POMEAS has a wide range of zoom lenses, telecentric lenses, FA lenses, etc. for different applications of optical screeners.


If you have optical screening machine optical system collocation needs, you can contact us to provide you with selection program.If you have optical screening machine optical system collocation needs, you can contact us to provide you with selection program.




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