Uses of Industrial Camera Lens




Industrial lenses play the role of the eyes in the machine vision system and feed back the product inspection to the industrial camera,Industrial camera lens has a great impact on the product inspection imaging quality, is an indispensable and important part of the machine vision inspection system.



The industrial camera lens is a high-performance resolution lens with ultra-low distortion design technology, which reduces the distortion rate, increases the contrast, effectively improves the color reproduction, improves the clarity, and can reflect the image effect more realistically.


The combination of industrial lenses and industrial cameras greatly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of industrial manufacturing.It can be used to locate and detect highly reflective objects.It can be used to locate and detect highly reflective objects.such as scratch detection on surfaces such as metal, glass, film, wafers, etc., breakage detection on chips and silicon wafers, MARK point localization,glass cutter, dispenser, SMT inspection, plate-laminating machine and other industrial precision alignment, positioning, parts confirmation, size measurement, industrial microscopy and other CCD vision alignment, measurement devices and other fields, has a lot of market development space.


The industrial lens adopts ultra-low distortion design, low distortion rate, with a variety of optical correction methods, to minimize the occurrence of pixel aberration, so that it can also maintain a high MTF value at high spatial frequency number of frequency bands,high contrast and clarity, the robust mechanical design of the lens, and the locking device after adjustment, are ideal for factory automation, machine vision, image processing and other applications that require very high image quality, can be used with industrial cameras with megapixels or more, and is widely used in industrial machine vision and image processing systems such as industrial safety monitoring, high-precision measurement, detection, and identification.





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