Basics of Industrial Cameras




Industrial Camera Types:


Industrial cameras can be divided into analog and digital cameras according to the output signal.



Analog camera output signal form for the standard analog video signal, need to be equipped with a special image capture card can be converted into digital information that a computer can process.Analog industrial camera generality is good, the cost is low, but the resolution is relatively low, the acquisition speed is also relatively slow, generally used in the field of television cameras and monitoring, the image quality requirements are not high machine vision system is also applied.



The digital industrial camera outputs digital signals due to its integrated internal A/D conversion circuitry.Digital cameras offer high resolution, high immunity to interference in signal transmission, and fast acquisition speeds.


In the past, machine vision used more analog cameras because of their mature technology, simple connectivity and lower cost.However, with the increased requirements of machine vision systems for imaging clarity, as well as the interference of electromagnetic signals in the field on image transmission, the proportion of digital cameras used in the industry has greatly increased.



Camera Interface:


The biggest concern for industrial cameras lies in the fact that the interface specifications are not uniform, and the current mainstream interfaces for industrial cameras are USB2.0/3.0, GigE, CameraLink, FireWire and so on.





There are two types of sensors, CCD and CMOS, with sizes of 1/2″, 2/3″, 1″, etc. Generally maintaining a 4:3 aspect ratio, the actual size will still vary.The size of the sensor generally has to be smaller than the size of the lens-compatible target surface, otherwise there will be problems with dark corners and light matting at the edges.



Image Processing:


Image processing, in terms of hardware, the need for high-quality, high-speed imaging applications, it is not recommended that direct access to ordinary laptop computers for use, it is best to access the use of desktop computers.





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