What Workpiece Inspection is the Dome Light Source Suitable for?




With the continuous development and progress of the manufacturing industry, the emergence of various new types of workpieces, the requirements for workpiece inspection are increasingly high.The light source plays a vital role as a key component in workpiece inspection.


Dome light source is a diffuse reflection shadowless light source, the structure has a ball integral effect of the hemispherical surface of the reflective film inside the wall, the reflected light can be all-round uniform illumination on the measured object.Because of its special shape and excellent performance, it is widely used in many fields.So, what kind of workpiece inspection is the dome light source suitable for?



Dome light sources are suitable for surface defect detection.During the manufacturing process, various defects may appear on the surface of the workpiece due to various reasons, such as bumps, depressions, cracks, and so on.These defects affect the quality and service life of the workpiece and therefore require timely inspection and repair.Dome light source can provide uniform light, making the defects on the surface of the workpiece more obvious and convenient for inspectors to observe and judge.


In the detection of dirty defects in cylindrical metal parts, due to the characteristics of the shape of the product, the use of ordinary light sources, the object light coverage is small, uneven imagingThe light from the dome light source shines smoothly and evenly on the product surface, clearly identifying defects and dirt.


Dome light sources can also be used for character detection on the outer packaging of products.Such as food packaging inspection, will encounter the product packaging bag is not flat.Using an ordinary light source the light will be uneven and will not be able to recognize all the characters.Dome light source can illuminate the surface of the package in all directions, and clearly obtain the character image, effectively solving this problem.


The size of the workpiece is a very important parameter in the manufacturing process, which is related to the function and performance of the workpiece.Dome light source can provide high brightness and uniformly distributed light, which makes the details of the surface of the workpiece clearer and helps inspectors to make accurate measurements of dimensions.


Dome light source can also provide different wavelengths of light, making the color more vivid and bright, which is convenient for inspectors to make accurate judgment of the color.


Dome light sources offer a number of excellent properties and features.It has excellent performance in scenarios such as defect detection of cylindrical workpieces such as motors, shafts, threaded rods, etc., character detection of cookie packaging, high-gloss metal parts, and mouse surface detection.Dome light source will be more and more widely used in various fields, for different types of workpiece inspection to provide more accurate and efficient auxiliary tools.



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