Resistor Defect Detection Solution




Resistor is a current limiting element, which plays the roles of current limiting, shunt, voltage dividing, impedance matching, damping, connecting, equalizing, etc. in electronic components, so its quality requirements are also very high.In order to avoid resistor failures such as breaks and shorts, the resistor needs to be rigorously tested.The main test is for the presence of defects such as false soldering, desoldering, pinholes, bulges, and scars.


Conventional resistance defect detection is based on manual sampling at each machining process.However, human energy is limited, and fatigue may result in misdetection, omission, etc., affecting detection accuracy.The use of vision inspection system can realize the patch defect detection, target positioning, automatic assembly, patch word code recognition and so on.


POMEAS is a machine vision and industrial automation core product suppliers, dedicated to manufacturing factory intelligence, digital upgrading, the main products are industrial lenses, industrial cameras, vision light source, microscopes, flash testers, spectral sensors, etc., can be for the resistor defect detection system for a complete vision solution.





1. Lens using POMEAS 12.5X zoom lens, structural stability, can maintain clear imaging, to meet the needs of a variety of resistor detection.


2. Camera using high-definition gigabit network industrial camera, low power consumption, low noise, true restoration of resistor image, keep clear and sharp.


3. With multi-color and multi-angle strobe AOI light source, it can highlight the solder information on the resistor surface and identify defects easily.



For more industrial vision inspection solutions, contact POMEAS for professional customization.





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