Product Packaging, Date Visual Inspection Solution




Packaging is an important part of product production and is highly valued by manufacturers. Packaging is an important part of product production and is highly valued by manufacturers. Date, bar code, and other information on the product packaging can play a role in traceability, tracking, etc., to avoid problems with the product, the query is mixed and unclear, so for the date information on the packaging needs to be strictly tested.




Detection Requirements:


Check whether there are any defects such as misprinting or missing printing on the date and other information on the product packaging, and ensure that annotations are made as required.



Using machine vision inspection technology, packaging inspection can be carried out efficiently, packaging information such as date, barcode, and characters can be clearly loaded, inspection and identification can be completed quickly, and product quality can be strictly controlled.




Detection Solution:


1. The lens uses POMEAS megapixel industrial lens PMS-75MC;


2. The camera uses an industrial camera with a Gigabit network interface;


3. Equipped with visual inspection light source and independently developed machine vision software system.


When in use, the industrial lens and camera are aligned with the production date position on the product packaging to take pictures and analyze, and the test results are obtained through comparison with the software processing system. It is simple to operate and fast to detect. When combined with packaging equipment, it can improve the function of packaging equipment, improve production efficiency, and reduce the packaging defect rate.



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