Advantages of Line Scan Industrial Lenses in Machine Vision Inspection




In machine vision applications, when detecting continuously moving objects or rolling objects, ordinary lenses are usually limited by image resolution, image quality, etc., and cannot meet the needs of high-speed detection. Using a line scan camera lens is the best solution.


Line scan industrial lenses are commonly used optical components in machine vision applications. Their main function is to convert images on objects into electrical signals for subsequent digital processing and analysis. Compared with traditional industrial lenses, line scan lenses have the following advantages in machine vision inspection:



First of all, line scan cameras can achieve high-speed image acquisition because they only need to linearly scan the object to be detected, rather than scanning the entire image pixels line by line. This can greatly increase the imaging speed and is suitable for real-time detection and monitoring of high-speed moving objects.


Secondly, line scan lenses can obtain high-resolution images, which is very important for applications that require high-precision detection and analysis. In addition, the line scan lens scans the surface of the object to obtain product images, which can be used to detect longer objects. Better adapts to irregular object shapes and sizes.


Finally, the imaging results of the line scan lens have lower distortion, and more accurate and stable imaging results can be obtained. This is important for applications that require high-precision measurement and inspection.


To sum up, line scan industrial lenses have the advantages of high speed, high resolution, suitable for irregular and long objects, and high-speed moving object detection in machine vision inspection. Therefore, line scan industrial lenses are a very useful optical component when high-speed, high-precision, and high-efficiency machine vision inspection is required.



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