Spectral Confocal Sensor Application for Mobile Phone Metal Frame Detection




As the skeleton part of the mobile phone, the metal frame of the mobile phone carries the structure and functions of the mobile phone and requires various tests to ensure its quality and performance.The spectral confocal sensor is a non-contact displacement measurement system that can reach the sub-micron level. It can provide an efficient and accurate solution for the detection of mobile phone metal frames.


The spectral confocal sensor can obtain high-resolution spectral information by scanning the surface of the mobile phone metal frame, and conduct comprehensive detection and analysis. It has many advantages in the detection of mobile phone metal frames.



First of all, the spectral confocal sensor can achieve non-contact detection without physical contact with the metal frame, avoiding situations that may cause damage. Secondly, the sensor can provide high-resolution spectral information and can accurately measure the height, segment difference, flatness and other dimensions of the metal frame. In addition, the spectral confocal sensor has a high detection speed and can complete a comprehensive scan of the metal frame in a short time, improving production efficiency.



In addition to mobile phone metal frame detection, spectral confocal sensors can also play an important role in other fields. It can be used in metal casing manufacturing industries such as tablets and computers; electronic industries such as PCB boards, IC chips, connectors, etc.; panels, glass, semiconductor wafers and other industries, and is suitable for various workpiece shapes, measurement of characteristic dimensions (including deep holes/inclined surfaces/curved surfaces), such as segment difference/height/contour/flatness, etc., can help improve product quality and user experience. With the continuous advancement of technology and the promotion of innovation, spectral confocal sensors will play a role in more fields and bring more convenience and innovation to all walks of life.



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