The Imaging Principle of Line Scan Industrial Lens




Line scan lenses are one type of industrial lenses and are an essential component of machine vision inspection systems.The quality of the lens will directly affect the overall performance of the machine vision system. The selection of line scan industrial lenses is the key to the vision system. Therefore, we should also have some understanding of the imaging principles of line scan lenses.



The imaging principle of line scan industrial lenses is to use the synergy of cameras, lenses and sensors to capture and record images of stationary or moving objects.This imaging principle is mainly used in industrial inspection, machine vision and automation fields.Line scan industrial lenses can capture only one part of the object being photographed at a time and continuously record it into a complete image.Its principle is mainly based on progressive scanning technology. This scanning method can be used to capture fast-moving objects to avoid image blur caused by motion.


The main function of a line scan lens is to project the image of the object being photographed onto the sensor by focusing light. Lenses usually consist of multiple optical lenses that adjust the focusing and imaging effects of light.


When the line scan industrial lens starts scanning, the lens will start scanning each part of the object line by line according to the predetermined scanning frequency, and continuously record the images of each line.


POMEAS line scan industrial lenses are available in a variety of categories, with high uniformity, low distortion, shock-proof design, high resolution, and high contrast and clarity. They are very suitable for factory automation, machine vision, intelligent detection, image processing, etc. that have very high image quality requirements. It is widely used in defect detection, surface texture and color detection, PCB detection, line detection and many other precision identification fields.



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