Advantages Of fixed-focus FA lens In Vision Positioning Applications




In the field of industrial inspection, the use of vision positioning enables high-precision measurement and identification of parameters such as the position, size, and shape of workpieces, thus ensuring the quality and accuracy of products. And in vision positioning applications, FA lens play a crucial role.



FA lens is an optical element with fixed focal length and optical performance, which has the following advantages in visual positioning applications:



1. High stability: fixed-focus lens is not easy to focus error during long-term use, suitable for industrial applications with high stability requirements.



2. Lower cost: fixed-focus lens manufacturing cost is relatively low, can meet the needs of large-scale industrial production.



3. Wide range of working distance: for specific application scenarios, fixed-focus lens can provide a better imaging effect within a certain shooting distance.



4. High-precision measurement: FA lens can achieve high-precision measurement of the workpiece, including position, size, shape and other parameters. Through the magnification and processing of the image, the precise size and detail information of the workpiece can be obtained, thus improving the accuracy and reliability of inspection.



In addition to visual positioning applications, fixed-focus industrial lenses can be integrated with many different cameras and image processing systems to achieve a variety of functions, such as appearance inspection, identification, measurement and many other application scenarios. Therefore, FA Lens has an important position and role in the field of industrial inspection.



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