The Role Of Telecentric Lens In Dimensional Measurement Systems




The importance of dimensional measurement systems in industrial manufacturing cannot be overstated. It plays a vital role in product quality, accuracy and reliability. As technology continues to advance, the accuracy and efficiency of dimensional measurement systems continue to improve. Among them, telecentric lens, as an optical component, plays an important role in dimensional measurement system.



Telecentric lens is a special kind of industrial lens, its optical axis is consistent with the geometric centre of the lens, which has the following roles in the dimensional measurement system:



1. Eliminate parallax: Telecentric lenses can eliminate parallax and improve the accuracy of measurement. Parallax is caused by the angular deviation of light passing through the lens, which can lead to image distortion and measurement errors. Telecentric lenses eliminate parallax by adjusting the focal length of the lens and the angle of the optical axis so that the light travels parallel through the lens.



2. High-precision Measurement: Telecentric lens has high resolution and high sensitivity, which can capture finer details. This allows dimensional measurement systems to more accurately measure the size, shape and other parameters of objects.



3. High Contrast: Telecentric lens has high contrast, acquiring better image quality and clearly presenting edge images, allowing the system to more accurately identify and assess the dimensional parameters of objects.



4. Large field of view: telecentric lens imaging field of view is large, applied to the size measurement system can achieve multiple products at the same time, reduce the number of measurements, improve detection efficiency.



5. High reliability: the high reliability of the optical principle and mechanical structure of the telecentric lens can ensure the accuracy and stability of the measurement.



By carrying telecentric lens, the dimensional measurement system can more accurately measure the surface dimensional parameters of the object, and at the same time improve production efficiency and reduce costs.



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