What Industrial Lens Are Used To Detect Label Characters In Vision Inspection Projects?




In the industrial automation production process, vision inspection is a very important technical means to greatly improve production efficiency and product quality. Character label inspection is an important application scenario in vision inspection, which is mainly used to identify and detect character labels on products to ensure product quality and production process traceability.



In character label inspection, choosing the right industrial lens is a very critical aspect. Telecentric lens is a very suitable industrial lens for character detection. Telecentric lens has the following advantages:



1. High resolution: telecentric lens generally has a high resolution, can clearly capture the details of the character label information, improve detection accuracy.



2. Small distortion: telecentric lenses have small distortion, which can ensure the accuracy of the detection results.



3. Large aperture: telecentric lens has a large aperture, can adapt to different lighting conditions under the character label detection, improve the reliability of detection.



4. Large depth of field: telecentric lens has a large depth of field, can clearly capture the information of the character label in a wide range, improve the adaptability of detection.



In the character label detection, telecentric lens these advantages can help to improve detection accuracy, reliability and adaptability, so as to ensure product quality and improve production efficiency. Therefore, in the vision inspection project, choose the right telecentric lens can better meet the needs of character label inspection.



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