Precision Application of Spectral Technology




POMEAS Point Spectral Confocal Thickness Measurement System, is a measurement system based on spectral imaging and image processing technology. It makes thickness measurement more accurate and faster.




Advantages of Spectral Technology


Flexible sampling: For the detection and analysis of rare and precious metals, you can save on the losses associated with sampling.


High test rate: Multiple channels can be set for instantaneous multi-point acquisition and real-time output via computer.


Non-destructive testing: Non-destructive testing can be done for some mechanical parts without destroying the samples, which facilitates non-destructive testing.



High Precision Measurement


POMEAS Point Spectral Confocal Thickness Measurement System is equipped with a dual spectral alignment measurement and a non-contact design that provides accuracy down to the micron level. This device enables precise measurement of part thickness and greatly improves measurement accuracy.



Wide range of adaptability


POMEAS Point Spectral Confocal Thickness Measurement System can be adapted to parts of different materials, colors and surface roughness. Whether it is metal, ceramics, mirrors, glass, etc., all materials can be measured stably.



High anti-interference capability


In complex production environments, POMEAS Point Spectral Confocal Thickness Measurement System can effectively avoid the influence of external interfering factors and ensure the stability of measurement. It can be used even under severe operating conditions such as high temperature and high pressure.



POMEAS Point Spectral Confocal Thickness Measurement System makes measurements more accurate and faster. It is your new standard for accurate measurement. Welcome to inquire, we will provide you with the best service.



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