What Industrial Lens Are Used To Check The Goodness Of FPC Boards?




FPC boards and flexible circuit boards, have the advantages of high wiring density, high assembly density, small size, light weight, thin thickness, etc. However, during the production process, due to the production technology, there may be creases, warping, foreign objects, oxidation and other problems, resulting in the inability of FPC boards to be used, and therefore need to carry out a rigorous appearance inspection.



Detection of FPC boards can use machine vision inspection solutions, compared with manual visual inspection, detection efficiency is greatly improved, reduce costs, and high detection accuracy.




Machine vision inspection programme is usually composed of industrial lenses, industrial cameras, vision light source and image processing software, of which the industrial lens is equivalent to the role of the "eyes", for the imaging quality is critical, can directly affect the detection results. So, check the good and bad FPC board should use what industrial lens?



FPC board size, high precision line, the surface is easy to reflect, you can use 4K zoom lens, with ten million pixels industrial camera, high imaging quality, can reach 4K level, can be clear and fast identification of defects existing in the FPC board to meet the high-precision detection requirements.



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