Difference between line scan lens and normal industrial lens




Lenses play an important role in machine vision inspection systems, providing high-resolution, high-quality images by capturing images of an object's surface, converting them into digital signals, and then analysing and identifying them through image processing algorithms.



Industrial inspection lens is an important part of machine vision inspection system, according to different uses and imaging characteristics can be divided into zoom lens, telecentric lens, FA lens, line scan lens and other categories.



Among them, the scanning speed of the line scanning lens is very fast, which can capture high-speed moving objects, thus ensuring clear and accurate images. In addition, line-scan industrial lenses can also obtain high-resolution and high-quality images by capturing and combining images multiple times for more accurate analysis and inspection.



The difference between a line scan lens and a normal industrial lens:


1. field of view: the field of view of the line scan industrial lens is larger than ordinary industrial lenses, which can be adapted to a wider range of applications.


2. resolution: line scan industrial lenses have higher resolution than ordinary industrial lenses, especially in high-speed object movement, line scan industrial lenses can provide clearer images.


3. shooting speed: the shooting speed of the line scanning industrial lens is faster than ordinary industrial lenses, which can be adapted to the needs of high-speed production lines.


4. Aperture: line scan industrial lenses have a smaller aperture compared to ordinary industrial lenses, so in poor lighting conditions, line scan industrial lenses can provide better image quality.



Industrial lenses are very important in machine vision inspection system, which can improve the accuracy and efficiency of inspection, thus bringing higher benefits and advantages to industrial production. Different lenses have applicable scenarios, and the specific selection depends on the actual needs.




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