Lithium battery cover plate plane size and flatness measurement programme




Lithium battery cover plate is an important part in the battery assembly process, and its flatness plays an important role in improving the appearance and quality of the product. If the flatness of the cover is not up to standard, it will affect the appearance and safety of the battery.



Therefore, lithium battery cover flatness testing plays an important role in ensuring product quality and battery performance, reducing costs and enhancing enterprise competitiveness.



Testing needs:

Complete the lithium battery cover plate plane size and flatness and other rapid measurement.




By using POMEAS vision measurement solution, we can effectively complete the lithium battery cover flatness and other dimensional inspection to ensure product quality and improve efficiency.



Detection effect diagram:



Introduction to Core Components:


POMEAS Zoom Industrial Lens:PMS-Z65M-C


1. Superior magnification repeatability and stability.

2. Excellent optical performance, high resolution, low distortion, high numerical aperture N.A. values.

3. Compact design for easy integration and installation.



Spectral Confocal Displacement Sensors



Compact structure, accurate and stable measurement, high detection accuracy, suitable for height/segment difference/thickness/flatness/profile measurement.



Vision controller PMS-X4



Compact structure, high positioning accuracy, fast speed; with two-dimensional space interpolation motion function, excellent motion control ability, to ensure high stability motion; real-time adjustable motion feed rate function, convenient to adjust the motion speed at any time.



POMEAS is a machine vision and industrial automation core product supplier, for electronics, 3C, automotive, hardware, plastic parts, new energy and other industries vision inspection, can provide complete sets of solutions and core components.

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