Application of Image Measuring Instrument in the Dimension Measurement of Rubber Ring





     With the continuous development of industrialisation, the use of various mechanical equipment is becoming more and more widespread. In the mechanical equipment, rubber ring is a very important parts. Rubber ring as a sealing material, its size is directly related to the operating efficiency and safety of mechanical equipment. If the size of rubber ring is too big or too small, it will affect the normal operation of mechanical equipment. Therefore, it is very necessary to accurately measure the size of the rubber ring.



     However, the rubber ring material is soft and easy to deform, the traditional size measurement method is not only time-consuming and labour-intensive, but also the accuracy can not be guaranteed. In recent years, with the continuous progress of image technology, the image size measuring instrument has gradually become the ideal choice to solve this problem.



     Measurement needs:


     Measure the rubber ring circle and inner and outer diameter dimensions to determine whether they meet the assembly requirements.



     Measurement process:


     First of all, the rubber ring is placed on the image size measuring instrument carrier table, according to the size of the product to select the appropriate measurement range and adjust the light source and other parameters, programming and one key start, through the software to process the image, you can calculate the size of the rubber ring. The whole process is simple and fast, with high measurement accuracy.


     In addition to high accuracy, the image measuring instrument is fast and can complete a large number of dimensional measurements in a short period of time. And the degree of automation is very high, which can greatly reduce manual intervention and reduce the error rate.


     POMEAS IMAGE 3 series of image dimensioning instruments has a very important application in the measurement of rubber ring dimensions. Its advantages of high accuracy, simple operation, high speed and high degree of automation make it an indispensable measuring tool in modern industrial production.

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