What are the advantages of telecentric lenses for measuring large workpieces?




Telecentric industrial lenses are optical devices with excellent imaging quality and precision, which are widely used in the measurement and inspection of large-sized workpieces. Compared with ordinary industrial lenses, telecentric lenses have the following advantages:



Firstly, in the measurement of large-sized workpieces, a large field of view and depth are required to cover a wider measuring range and to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results. Telecentric lenses, on the other hand, provide a larger field of view and depth of field, which allows for comprehensive and efficient measurements to be taken without moving the workpiece and without affecting the measurement results.


Secondly, telecentric lenses have better resolution and aberration control, which can effectively eliminate image distortion, chromatic aberration and distortion while ensuring measurement accuracy. This enables telecentric lenses to be specifically suited for demanding industrial measurement tasks, such as high-precision mould measurement, automotive body measurement and other fields.


In addition to this, telecentric lenses are characterised by a large aperture and high luminous flux, which allows more light to pass into the interior of the lens, thus increasing the brightness and signal-to-noise ratio of the entire system. This is important for applications where measurements are made in darker environments, such as measurements of black materials, materials with uneven surfaces, and so on.


Overall, telecentric industrial lens is one of the important optical devices in large-size workpiece measurement, which has an irreplaceable role in many fields. Its excellent imaging quality and precision can improve work efficiency and reduce work intensity under the premise of guaranteeing measurement accuracy, thus contributing to the progress and development of industrial production, quality assurance and other fields.


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