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With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, WiFi technology has become an essential part of people's daily life.WiFi receiver is to convert wireless signals into wired signals, so that computers, mobile phones and other devices can be wired to connect to the network.The characters on the back of the Wifi receiver allow users to clearly understand the parameters of its use, which makes it easy for users to choose.Therefore, in order to ensure that there is no error in the printing Therefore, in order to ensure that the printing is error-free, it is necessary to do strict testing in the production process.



Testing needs

Detects the appearance of the WiFi receiver and identifies back characters for misprints, omissions, and other defects.




As a supplier of core products for machine vision and industrial automation, POMEAS can provide a complete solution for wifi character detection.




Detection programme

1. Lens using POMEAS 16mm focal length industrial lens VP-LGHM-1620M;

2. With 600W pixel industrial camera;

3.Use POMEAS bar vision light source.




Detection effect




Core Accessories Introduction


I. POMEAS 8 Megapixel Industrial Lens VP-LGHM-1620M



1.Supports 8 megapixel 1" camera .

2.With focus locking screw and aperture locking screw.

3.Low distortion and low distortion imaging.

4.Compact structural design and excellent optical performance.



II. 600W pixel industrial camera


With features such as low power consumption and small size, stable transmission over Gigabit network, and true reproduction of the image picture in all scenes and colour temperatures to keep it clear and sharp.



III. Bar visual light source


Uniformity of the emitted light, can clearly highlight the character image, easy to detect the distinction, and accurately identify the misprints, omissions and other defects.









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