Image measuring instrument applications: Dimensional measurement of machined metal parts




Machined metal parts are indispensable components in modern industrial production, and are widely used in automotive, machinery, shipbuilding, aviation and other fields, and are key players in them. Various shapes and sizes of machined parts are manufactured through machining to meet the needs of different industries. In order to ensure product quality and suitability, dimensional measurement of machined metal parts is very important.



The traditional method of measuring the dimensions of machined metal parts usually uses manual measuring tools such as micrometers and vernier calipers, which need to be operated manually and are susceptible to human errors. The POMEAS IMAGE3 series is a measuring device based on optical image processing technology. By capturing an image of a machined metal part and using computer software to process and analyse the image, the size and shape of the machined metal part can be accurately measured.



Image measuring instruments can be used to measure the length, width, radius, diameter, roundness, distance and other dimensions of machined metal parts, as well as height, segmentation, flatness and other measurements, which can also be done with the POMEAS MAX.



The advantages of using an image measuring instrument to measure machined metal parts over traditional manual measurement methods are:



1. High precision: the image measuring instrument can achieve micron-level measurement accuracy, avoiding human error.



2. High efficiency: the image measuring instrument can automatically complete the measurement process, greatly improving the measurement efficiency and productivity.



3. Multi-functional: the image measuring instrument can measure different shapes and sizes of machined metal parts, with strong adaptability and flexibility.



4. Data visualisation: The image measuring instrument measurement data is displayed visually, and measurement reports can be generated to facilitate data analysis and management by the user.



Machined metal parts play an important role in modern industrial production, and the importance of dimensional measurement of machined metal parts should not be ignored. The use of image measuring instrument for machined metal parts size measurement, can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of measurement, is an indispensable measurement tool in modern industrial production.

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