Flatness inspection programme for mobile phone backplanes




With the development of technology, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of people's lives. In the manufacturing process of mobile phones, the mobile phone backplane is a necessary accessory, which is the carrier for display installation. If the flatness of the mobile phone backplane is not up to standard, it will lead to various problems when the mobile phone is used, such as unstable placement, slow response to the touch screen and so on. Therefore, the inspection of the flatness of the mobile phone backplane becomes particularly important.



Detection needs:

Detecting the flatness of mobile phone backplanes to detect unqualified products in time.



Detection programme:

By scanning the back plate of a mobile phone and comparing it to a standard file, the flatness of the back plate can be determined by using a POMEAS laser profile sensor.



Detection effect diagram:



Programme strengths:


1. High detection accuracy: measurement accuracy of micron level, detection repeatability up to 0.2μm.


2. No risk of scratches: non-contact measurement, the measurement does not directly contact the surface of the object, to avoid the risk of scratches and abrasion caused by traditional measurement methods.


3. Fast detection speed: laser contour sensor sampling frequency is high, can be completed in a very short period of time the object surface three-dimensional scanning, applicable to the precision and speed requirements of the inspection occasions.



The laser contour sensor adopts the triangular reflective principle, which can realise the measurement of any contour line size of the object, and can be used for the measurement of segment difference, angle, radius, etc. It is very suitable for the high-precision inspection application in the industries of automobile, mobile phone, hardware, semiconductor, and so on.

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