What microscope can I use to see phone case screw hole defects?




As the competition in the mobile phone market becomes more and more intense, consumers have higher and higher demands for product quality and appearance. Mobile phone case screw holes are an important part of connecting various components, if the screw holes are defective, it will affect the stability of the whole mobile phone. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good and strict visual inspection.



Detection needs:

Test the phone case screw holes for cracks, breaks, debris clogging and other defects.



Detecting Difficulties:

There are many screw holes on the mobile phone case, and the height is not consistent, using the traditional microscope needs to constantly adjust the working distance in order to complete the inspection one by one, the inspection efficiency is low.




Detection programme:

With the POMEAS autofocus video microscope, you can find the target directly through the zoom and automatically focus in real time to quickly complete the inspection of screw hole defects.



Advantages of autofocus video microscopy:



1. Real-time autofocus: It can focus on the sample quickly and accurately without manual adjustment, which improves work efficiency.



2. High display clarity: electronic magnification up to 180X, with HDR function edge enhancement mode, making the display of image clarity higher.



3. Easy to operate: the operator does not need to have professional focusing skills, just easy to operate to obtain high-quality images.



4. Convenient data recording: pictures and videos can be output to record the data for later analysis and comparison.



POMEAS autofocus video microscope is suitable for visual inspection of rubber parts, metal parts, PCB boards, etc. It has a wide range of applications.

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