Industrial application scenarios for CCD cameras




CCD camera is a high-performance industrial camera used in industrial automation, machine vision and other fields. It adopts CCD as the image sensor, which can achieve high-resolution, high-sensitivity, high-speed image acquisition and processing.CCD industrial camera usually has the characteristics of small size, lightweight and easy to carry, easy to install and operate, etc., which is applied in many scenes in industrial production.



Industrial application scenarios for CCD cameras:



1. Detection and identification: CCD cameras can detect and identify objects by collecting their images, such as detecting product defects, identifying product barcodes and so on.



2. Positioning and measurement: CCD cameras can achieve the position and size of the object through image processing technology to measure and locate, such as hardware parts size measurement, electronic parts detection, robot position positioning.



3. Quality control: CCD cameras can collect product images for quality control, such as detecting whether the product assembly is correct.



4. Automated production: CCD cameras can be used in conjunction with other automation equipment to achieve automated production, such as automatic identification and classification of products, automated assembly.



With high colour reproduction and controllability, CCD industrial cameras are not only used in industrial production, but also widely used in intelligent transportation, medical imaging, robot vision and other fields. POMEAS is a machine vision components and solutions provider, can provide CCD industrial camera selection and complete sets of vision solutions to build.

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