Application of Image Measuring Instruments in Dimensional Inspection of Electronic Components




Electronic components are an indispensable part of electronic products, and their dimensional accuracy has a direct impact on product performance and quality. Therefore, it is very important to accurately detect and control the dimensions of electronic components.



Equipped with a telecentric optical lens with large depth of field and a high-precision processing system, and incorporating the principle of one-button flash measurement, the Promise Image Measuring Instrument can realise fast, accurate and non-destructive inspection of the dimensions of electronic components by means of high-precision image acquisition and processing technology. Specific applications include the following:



1. Chip size detection: Chips are one of the smallest components in electronic products, and their size is usually only a few millimetres to tens of microns. The image measuring instrument can accurately measure the length, width, thickness and other dimensions of the chip through the high-resolution imaging system and precise measurement algorithms.



2. Connector Measurement: Connectors are small parts used to connect electronic devices, usually made of plastic or metal. The length, width, aperture, hole distance and other dimensions of the connector are critical to the normal operation of the electronic components, the use of POMEAS image measuring instrument can be non-contact one-time completion of the above dimensional inspection.



3. Capacitor size detection: Capacitors are one of the commonly used components in electronic products, and their size has an important impact on the performance and stability of the circuit. Image measuring instrument can obtain the shape image of the capacitor to achieve the accurate measurement of its size parameters.



4. Micro-resistance size inspection: Micro-resistance is characterised by small, thin, and much measured data. POMEAS  Image Measuring Instrument has the function of auto-focus and auto-positioning, no need to set up the workpiece, it can automatically identify the measuring position of the product, and it has a large measuring range, it can complete the measurement of several products at a time, which greatly improves the efficiency of micro-resistance size inspection.



POMEAS image measuring instruments have a wide range of applications in the dimensional inspection of electronic components, which can provide reliable technical support for the production and quality control of electronic products. In addition, image measuring instruments are also widely used in automotive parts, hardware processing parts, medical parts and other fields.

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