Solutions for detecting defects such as bubbles in glass rods




The production and application of glass products are very widespread in various industries, and among them, glass rods are an important part of them. In the process of producing glass rods, it is easy to appear bubbles, stones, scratches, chipping and other defects. Bubbles are one of the most common defects in the production process of glass rods, mainly due to uneven mixing or insufficient addition of materials during the production process. Air bubbles will affect the quality and performance of glass rods, and in serious cases, they will make the glass rods unusable. Therefore, it is of great significance to carry out appearance inspection of glass rods.



As a professional solution provider of machine vision components and solutions, POMEAS is able to provide efficient and accurate inspection solutions for glass rod appearance defects, and reliable and stable quality control solutions for glass manufacturing companies.





1. The lens is the POMEAS bilateral telecentric lens VP-LDTC016/07-120;


2. The camera uses a gigabit network industrial camera;


3. With barred visual light sources.



Detecting effects:


Strip Light Side Strike - Glass Rod Bubbles


Programme strengths:


1. POMEAS double telecentric lens VP-LDTC016/07-120, self-developed design and production, large depth of field, low distortion, can focus the light to a smaller area, so as to more accurately observe the details in the glass rod.


2. Gigabit network industrial camera can complete high-speed and stable image transmission, making the observation results more reliable.


3. Side-striking of the bar light source allows the edges of the bubbles to be more clearly defined and imperfections to be more easily observed and recognised.

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