Servo Right Angle Steering Gear Dimension Measurement with Image Measuring Instruments




A servo right-angle steering is a device used to control a servo motor. It can convert input commands such as position, speed or acceleration into pulse signals required by the motor to achieve precise movement of the motor. Servo Right Angle Steering requires dimensional measurements during production to ensure that it meets design requirements and standard specifications. Through dimensional measurement, every detail of the product can be checked for compliance and any deviations or defects can be detected and corrected in time to ensure optimum product quality and performance.



Detection needs:

Measure the steering gear input shaft diameter, output shaft diameter, shaft and flange perpendicularity, wheelbase, housing length, width and other dimensions.



Detection programme:

Using the Image Dimension Gauge, one-button flash measurement and automated operation, the dimensional inspection of servo right-angle steering gears can be completed quickly and efficiently.



Advantages of Image Gauge applications:



1. High precision: The image measuring instrument adopts self-developed double telecentric lens and precision measuring software, which can achieve high precision measurement.



2. High degree of automation: the image measuring instrument has a high degree of automation, simple operation, fast measurement speed and other characteristics, which can greatly improve the measurement efficiency and accuracy.



3. Good visualisation: the real-time display of the image of the measured object through the monitor, so that the user can intuitively observe the measurement results, so as to better understand the measurement data.



4. Convenient data processing: the image measuring instrument can output the measurement results in a variety of formats for storage, to better meet the needs of user data analysis and processing.



The Image Measuring Instrument can perform many types of measurements including length, angle, diameter, true roundness, flatness, thickness, segment difference, etc. It is suitable for electronics, machinery, automotive, moulds, medical and aerospace fields.

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