What is visual inspection? What are the advantages of visual inspection?




Visual inspection refers to the industrial camera and industrial lens will be taken into the target is converted into image signals, transmitted to the special image processing system, according to the pixel distribution and brightness, colour and other information, converted into digital signals; the image system of these signals to carry out a variety of operations to extract the characteristics of the target, the characteristics of the target to measure the discrimination. Vision inspection technology includes modules such as digital image processing, mechanical control, light source illumination, and optical imaging. These modules are connected side by side in machine vision and used in harmony with each other to form a successful industrial machine vision inspection system.




Vision inspection has the following advantages over traditional inspection methods:




1. High efficiency and accuracy: vision inspection can achieve non-contact automated inspection, which reduces the possibility of manual operation and misjudgment and improves production efficiency and product quality.




2. Better adaptability: vision inspection can be adapted to different production environments and product shapes, with strong versatility and flexibility.




3. High reliability: visual inspection equipment is usually automated without human intervention, reducing the impact of human factors on the test results and improving the reliability of the data.




4. Real-time response: visual inspection can obtain real-time information in the production process, timely detection of problems and take measures to avoid production downtime and rework phenomenon.




Vision inspection technology has significant advantages in improving production efficiency, quality and flexibility, etc. POMEAS is a machine vision component and solution provider for electronics, mobile phones, hardware processing, die-cutting, automotive parts inspection, etc. We can provide a complete set of vision inspection solutions.

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