Spectral Confocal Sensor Applications for Pad Glass Contour Measurement




Glass is an important component of the pad, and its quality can directly affect the display effect of the product, so it needs to undergo strict appearance and size inspection.



Dimensional inspection includes flat dimension measurement and glass flatness and contour measurement, etc. Pad glass contour refers to the smoothness and flatness of the PAD glass surface, and poor Pad glass contour may lead to defects such as roughness, unevenness, burrs, etc., which will affect the appearance quality of the glass and thus the optical performance. Therefore, accurate measurement of PAD glass contour degree can effectively improve product quality and stability.




The POMEAS Spectral Confocal Sensor is a non-contact displacement measurement system with sub-micron resolution, which can be used to scan the glass surface without human intervention to obtain the contour data of the glass surface, and then use it for flatness and warpage calculations to realise high-precision measurements of the contour of PAD glass.



Measurement advantages of spectral confocal sensors


1. High accuracy: It can realise accurate measurement of tiny objects, no matter what surface can be measured within 1μm accuracy.



2. High stability: not only is the accuracy higher than that of traditional triangulation sensors, but it can also obtain accurate and consistent results when measuring different shapes or different materials.



3. Wide applicability: Stable measurement of all kinds of materials, such as metal/ceramic/precision/glass, etc.



4. Applicable to all kinds of workpiece shape (including deep hole/bevelled/curved surface) feature size measurement, such as height/segment difference/thickness/flatness/profile, etc..



5. A wide range of probe models, lightweight and easy to integrate into automated measurement applications in a variety of industries.



We are a machine vision component and solution provider. In addition to spectral sensors that measure the contour of pad glass, we also have image measuring instruments that can be used to measure the flat dimensions of pad glass and other components. For more information, please contact our online customer service.

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