What are the characteristics of a line-scan industrial lens?




In the modern industrial manufacturing process, machine vision technology has been widely used, more and more enterprises adopt machine vision system to improve product quality and production efficiency. As an indispensable part of the machine vision system, industrial lens plays an important role. Industrial lenses have a variety of classifications, including zoom lenses, FA lenses, telecentric lenses, line scanning lenses and so on.




Among them, the line scanning lens is a very excellent imaging performance of the lens, it usually has easy integration, very low aberration, high image reproduction, why is the line scanning lens will have such an excellent performance? It is mainly due to the fact that line-scan industrial lenses have the following product characteristics:




1. High-resolution optical system design, can obtain high-definition image data, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results.




2. A large amount of image data can be collected in a very short period of time to meet the needs of high-speed detection.




3. With high-precision image acquisition and analysis capabilities, it can detect minor defects and changes to ensure product quality and stability.




4. Has a large dynamic range and high sensitivity, very suitable for industrial inspection projects in the large format field of view requirements.




Line scan lenses can be used to handle high-speed moving objects, large-area image acquisition, as well as the identification and detection of objects of different colours, shapes and sizes. Suitable for machine vision and industrial automation industry, it can achieve efficient, fast and accurate automatic detection and identification.

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