What is a line-scan industrial lens? What does a line-scan lens do?




Line scan lens is a kind of industrial lens used with line scan camera, the imaging principle is to use the linear sensor to capture the image of the workpiece, and digital signal processing to achieve high-precision imaging effect. Essentially, there is no difference between a line scanning lens and a surface array lens. Line scan lenses are characterised by a relatively large maximum image plane size, which enables image capture on high-speed moving objects with high speed scanning frequency and fast exposure time. Line-scan lenses typically have a smaller field of view, but are capable of providing high resolution and excellent image quality.



With higher resolution and faster sampling speed, POMEAS line scan industrial lenses can easily cope with the imaging needs of high-speed production lines. Widely used in lithium battery production assembly, quality inspection and print inspection, workpiece visual positioning, screening and colour sorting industries.




The role of the line-scanning lens:



1. Lithium battery PACK line gluing positioning detection


Using the vision solution equipped with line scanning industrial lens, it can judge the offset of the box by taking photos of the box Mark point at high speed, and guide the robot to compensate the position and complete the gluing work. Efficiently complete the work to ensure the quality of the battery pack.




2. Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) Systems


Line scanning industrial lenses can scan circuit boards and other objects at high speed, and the collected image of the circuit board is sharpened at the edges, with clear contours, accurate and fast identification of defects.




3.Printing appearance detection


Line scanning lens imaging excellence, able to identify different defects, can be printed on the appearance of misprints, omissions, reprints, lack of colour, offset and other defects in real-time detection, rapid identification.




Line scan lenses are characterised by fast response, high resolution and low noise, and are widely used in various industries of industrial automation.

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