How do I use an industrial telecentric lens with my camera?




Industrial telecentric lens is a kind of optical lens widely used in the industrial field nowadays, which can correct the parallax of traditional lenses and obtain high-precision and low-distortion product images. However, when using industrial telecentric lens, how to match the camera to better play its role?



With industrial telecentric lenses, the first thing you need to consider is the type of interface, the interface is the physical standard of the lens and the camera are connected together, it not only corresponds to the different specifications of the size of the bayonet or thread corresponding size, it also corresponds to the standard flange distance. Telecentric lens interface has a C port, F port, M58 interface, and camera interface selection should be consistent, the interface is not consistent to consider whether the interface can be added to the transfer interface.




After corresponding to the interface, you need to consider the matching of the lens image plane and the camera chip, try to consider the same specification, if the image plane diameter of the industrial telecentric lens is larger than the diagonal of the camera chip, it will produce waste and loss of field of view. If it is smaller than, the imaging will have dark corners, black corners and other problems.




Next is the choice of camera brand. Because there are certain differences between different camera brands and models, some cameras may not work with certain industrial telecentric lenses. In addition, factors such as the camera's pixels need to be taken into account in order to better match the industrial telecentric lenses to capture clearer images.



The use of industrial telecentric lenses requires matching the right camera, choosing the right interface and paying attention to some practical issues. Only when these aspects are considered comprehensively and used reasonably, can we capture high-quality, high-definition industrial images.

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