What lens is used to detect the surface of a cylindrical object?




With the continuous development of industrial automation, more and more factories are using machine vision technology for automated monitoring and quality inspection of production processes.




In the industrial production process, many products have a cylindrical shape, such as batteries, tubes, bearings, bottles and so on. During the production of these products, their surfaces need to be inspected to ensure that their quality meets standards. In this process, the choice of lens is a very important issue.




The previous cylindrical product surface inspection programme is to use line scanning camera for scanning to obtain the image, this way although the image quality is high, easy to identify surface defects, but it takes a long time to take the image, can not meet the requirements of the actual production of rapid detection.



Adopting the POMEAS 360 ° outer wall inspection lens, it can shoot vertically and directly and quickly obtain the image of each side of the cylinder to complete the inspection quickly and efficiently, reduce the inspection time and improve the production efficiency.




For example, in life, we commonly see batteries, the surface of which usually prints the model number, parameters, brand and other information, so that users can clearly understand its adaptable products. If these characters are misprinted, omitted, missing and other defects, and into the market, may cause the user to use the wrong, affecting the brand reputation, so the need to do a good job in the factory before the surface character detection.



Using 360° outer wall inspection lens with low angle ring vision light source, it can obtain the image of the side of the battery table at one time, clearly illuminate the characters, and quickly complete the identification. And can effectively simplify the programme layout, reduce enterprise costs.

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