[Product recommendation] Piezo solution for laser focusing by POMEAS




In industrial manufacturing, where there is a need for vision inspection, there is a lot of need for focusing, and the greater the magnification of the inspection, the more urgent the need for focusing becomes.



In the field of industrial micro-inspection, the inspection requires higher resolution and higher accuracy, but the image speed is slow and the focusing success rate is low in high-speed situations. Piezo solution of POMEAS laser focusing, a laser-based active focusing method, can achieve high-speed and high-precision focusing effect, effectively solving the above problems.



【Product Features】


POMEAS laser focusing piezoelectric solution, the semiconductor laser, optical system, laser control and software algorithms in one, the use of co-axial focusing mode, an effective solution to the problem of focusing blocking; with high focusing accuracy. It has the advantages of high focusing accuracy, fast focusing speed, stable and reliable product performance.





【Structure composition】


POMEAS laser focusing piezoelectric solution is composed of our industrial camera, APO mirror tube, industrial camera, LFS series sensors, coaxial light source, APO objective lens, motorised focus module, etc. The whole set of solution hardware and software are designed and produced by our own research and development, and the service is guaranteed.



【Application Cases】


Laser focusing piezoelectric solutions are widely used in the fields of real-time focusing for microscopic observation, precision laser welding, and precision laser cutting. For example, semiconductor wafer substrate guidance and inspection, photolithography guidance and inspection, LCD guidance and inspection, copper foil guidance and inspection, and so on.


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