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With the rapid development of Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing, 3D vision technology is gradually becoming an indispensable part of various production scenarios. In this context, as a completely self-developed in-line measurement and defect detection system with unique self-developed algorithms and drag-and-drop operation, POMEAS 3D vision system is suitable for various non-contact 3D inspection scenarios.



POMEAS 3D vision system is a fully self-developed 3D vision online measurement and defect inspection system, designed with drag-and-drop software architecture, no programming is required on site, plug-and-play. It can simultaneously realise the acquisition and online processing of height profile and 3D point cloud data, and is applied to high-volume, high-precision, high-speed, online 3D positioning, measurement, and defect detection scenarios.



The POMEAS 3D Vision System Advantage:


1. Support position correction: real-time response to the position of the target object offset, tilt.

2. Simple configuration: camera configuration → business configuration → output configuration, 3 steps to get it done.

3. Dynamic switching of project files during operation, multi-workpiece, multi-process continuous measurement.

4. Dynamically add, delete measurement tasks, modify configuration parameters, on-site programming is not required.

5. Support image saving: ALL/NG/no image saving, optional.

6. support OK, NG, false detection, yield real-time statistics and display.



POMEAS 3D vision system is suitable for height/height difference, width position shape section, warpage flatness, thickness measurement, angle radius and other inspections, such as: post-weld inspection of new energy top cover welding machine, peripheral weld & flap inspection of top cover, pre-weld gap inspection of battery positive electrode into the casing machine, and so on.



In the future development of POMEAS 3D vision system, we will continue to introduce new functions and upgrade the system algorithm to meet the inspection needs of more different scenes. At the same time, the system will also endeavour to provide users with a more user-friendly operation experience. POMEAS 3D vision system will play an important role in improving production efficiency and ensuring product quality.

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