Different uses of 360° industrial lenses




Industrial lenses are an indispensable part of industrial production. With the continuous development of science and technology, the application of industrial lenses is also more and more extensive. Among them, 360 ° industrial lens is more widely used in various fields.



360° industrial inspection lenses can be divided into outer wall inspection lenses and inner wall inspection lenses, and different lenses are applicable to different areas. The following are some of the common uses:




1. Appearance Inspection: 360° outer wall inspection lens can be used to inspect the all-round appearance of products, such as batteries, medicine bottles, drink caps, plastic caps and other items of surface characters and defects identification.




2. Inner wall inspection: 360° inner wall inspection lenses can be used to inspect the inner surface of items with cavities, such as bottle caps, cups, screws, pens and so on. This lens can be observed from the outside without placing the lens inside the product.




3. Cylindrical, cubic and other external surface inspection: 360 ° industrial inspection lens can meet the cylinder external surface and the inner hole surface inspection needs.




360° industrial inspection lens has a wide range of uses, can meet a variety of industrial production in the visual inspection needs, has a very strong professionalism and relevance. A single camera lens can complete the image acquisition, making the inspection more convenient and efficient. Specific applications also need to be based on the characteristics of the product and inspection requirements for selection and configuration.

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