How does the 360° exterior inspection industrial lens work?




Industrial lens in the industrial vision inspection system is mainly used for image recognition to obtain, equivalent to the human eye, vision inspection system image information are obtained through the industrial lens, is a key component of the industrial vision inspection system. The quality of industrial lenses can directly affect the operation of the system and the overall performance, lens selection is a key step in the construction of the vision system, so you need to fully understand the various parts of the industrial lens, including its working principle.




360° industrial inspection lens is a special industrial lens, its main function is to achieve the object of 360 ° imaging, can be divided into 360 ° outer wall inspection lens and 360 ° inner wall imaging lens, a lens camera can be completed on the top and side of the product or the inside and side of the image acquisition, greatly save space and cost, enhance the efficiency of inspection.



The principle of operation of the 360° external wall inspection industrial lens is to capture an image of the outer wall of the object to be measured by means of a refractive system, and then to image the image at the chip in the form of a circular crown. This lens can be applied to image the outer ring side view of an object and the larger the diameter of the DUT, the higher the height that can be measured.




The advantages of the 360° exterior inspection lens include compactness and small size, high image quality, and ultra-wide side shooting angle, which enables 360° continuous imaging without the need to constantly change angles as in the traditional multi-view layout recognition mode, which is energy efficient.




The 360° external inspection lens can efficiently and accurately detect the external features and defects of objects in the field of industrial inspection, improving production efficiency and inspection quality.

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