What categories can measurement systems be divided into?




A measurement system is a complete set of devices used to carry out measurement operations for a variety of appearance, performance, dimensional and other parameters in order to analyse and evaluate data on the object to be measured.



Measurement systems can be divided into the following categories:



1. Mechanical measurement systems: Such measurement systems make use of mechanical structures for measurement, such as vernier calipers, micrometers, scales and so on. They are usually simple, intuitive and easy to operate.



2. Electrical measurement system: this measurement system is the use of electrical signals to measure the system, such as multimeters, resistance meters, etc..



3. Optical measurement system: the use of optical imaging principle for measurement, such as digital microscope, optical measuring instrument, etc., with the role of close distance, data intuitive and other characteristics.



4. Computer-aided measurement and control system: this measurement system is through the computer on the sensor signal acquisition and processing, and the test object control system.



Measurement system according to the degree of participation in the measurement process, can also be divided into the need to measure the direct participation of personnel and to obtain the results of the manual measurement system, the measurement of personnel do not need to participate in the measurement process from start to finish, the measurement of some or all of the operations and adjustments in the process of the machine automatically, but further data processing still need to be involved by the measurement of semi-automatic measurement system, as well as all of the instruments and equipment must be able to work with the computer on-line fully automated measurement system.



There are various types of measurement systems, and the selection and use of a measurement system needs to be considered according to the specific measurement needs and characteristics of the object to be measured.

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